Inspiration of Traditional Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Bar

Traditional Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Bar

Designing kitchen bar is one thing. However, designing kitchen bar with modern touch is entirely different thing. When you want to design modern kitchen bar, it is important to plan everything beforehand. Kitchen bar is a variation of conventional kitchen. Kitchen is traditionally used to cook your daily meal. You prepare three-course meal in your kitchen. These days, kitchen is not only a place where you cook, but also brew beverages. Kitchen bar is a solution for those of you who want to optimize the room available in your kitchen area. Here are some tips that might help you designing comfortable kitchen bar.

Before you start the designing process, you will need to prepare the furniture first. Long bar table along with its stools are commonly found in almost modern kitchen bar design ideas. For the table, you can use conventional wooden bar table. Make sure it includes storage compartments. The compartments can be used to store bottles and glasses. Meanwhile, the stools should be matching with the bar table. It is highly recommended not to use the one with backrest. Spinning stools are good option for kitchen bar with modern design. Depending on the length of this bar table, you might need two or three of those stools.

The next tip is related to its arrangement. In modern kitchen bar design ideas, the long table is used to replace the kitchen island. Since all preparation is performed in this table, you will not need a kitchen island anymore. Additionally, using both kitchen island and bar table will make the kitchen interior looks packed. However, you might need to maintain the presence of kitchen counter table. Since this furniture is against the wall, it will not make the kitchen interior packed. The same situation goes for the kitchen cabinet. You can also store the bottles and glasses inside the kitchen cabinet as well.

House interior these days incorporate modern decoration. This situation also applies for the kitchen. Modern kitchen design dominates over traditional kitchen design in most houses. It is only natural since concept of modern kitchen focuses on the practical use of the furniture. A kitchen island, counter table, and cabinet of modern kitchen have minimalistic detail on it. In most case, this concept is acceptable for practical reasons. However, in terms of aesthetics, minimalistic design of such furniture seems not enough. With the lack of detail, you cannot place any decorative objects on your kitchen as you please. That will obstruct the design of your modern kitchen.

For those reasons, kitchen with traditional design is more recommended for those of you who have spacious kitchen area. This article will give you information about how to implement traditional concept in your kitchen. Moreover, you can also find out here why traditional design is best optional for kitchen. The design of traditional kitchen has something in common. In terms of decoration, traditional kitchen is rich. You can introduce colorful decorative object such as kitchen ornaments and dishes to display. You can also hanging beautiful chandelier above the kitchen island. Meanwhile, small stools can be placed on one side of the kitchen island.

After you learn here why traditional design is best optional for kitchen, you might want to use the same design in your kitchen. If you start with empty kitchen area, designing such traditional kitchen will not be a problem. All you need to do is measuring the space and placing any furniture required for the design. If you happen to have kitchen with different concept, you might want to remodel your kitchen. In this case, you should remove all kitchen elements that will not support the traditional theme. After that, start adding any decorative objects into the kitchen to give traditional touch.

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