Modern Vintage Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Exquisite Atmosphere

Modern Vintage Bedroom

The term vintage has close relation to wine. Having modern vintage bedroom decorating ideas does not mean using wine-based color into the room as the main theme. Modern is anything new, but not fresh or recent. Another word to say modern may be contemporary which means recent and today fashion or design. Vintage in this article has the meaning as old or previous era of design. To put in simple example, you can imagine one fashion before recent condition.

Modern vintage is good theme for bedroom due to several reasons. This decoration brings old atmosphere for reminiscence to bring peaceful mind. On the other hand, modern touch creates balancing condition to stay in reality. Combination between modern and vintage delivers the strong atmosphere from the design, decoration, and functionality.

You may implement modern vintage bedroom decorating ideas with several ways. The first thing is furniture, such as bed, cabinet or small drawers. Vintage accent comes from old bedframe. Keep in mind that old structure does not have to come from old time. You can buy recent product, but with old design. This frame is simple with lower ground clearance and it has four pillars in each corner. The old bed frame is not fancy structure with many ornaments. On contrary, ornament on sideboard and headboard is popular in several centuries ago before industrial revolution. That is not vintage style because it is too long from modern theme.

Well, minimalist bedroom started to enter the top list in urban area. People want small and practical bedroom without losing the artistic side. For modern vintage bedroom decorating ideas, you may expand this minimalist style with several furnishings. Add cabinet or drawer to store personal stuff. Another option is nightstand with desk lamp. You can bring vintage theme with lighting fixture. Change standard bulb into classic fixture with chandelier. Moreover, use smooth lighting to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on bedroom.

The key from all of idea and decoration is color. People want to combine two ideas or themes into single place. Color approach and perspective will simply work. Use white and grey to create modern and vintage touch simultaneously. White will be on the bedcover and wall. Use grey for the floor and furniture. Delicate lighting fixture will handle the rest of decoration. Another way is the combination between white and dark color, but not black. You can choose brown as counterpart, but there are several brown gradations in a single room. Use gradation approach to expose vintage accent without losing modern touch. Therefore, modern vintage bedroom decorating ideas will be on your own bedroom at all.

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