Modern Black And White Open Storage Bathroom

Black and white colors application is nice concept for interior design. Both of them can’t be separated to create balance and elegant ambience. That’s why these colors are always found in all rooms, including the bathroom. Black and white bathroom has been popular for modern interior design. If you apply these colors for your bathroom, it means you don’t create it to be temporary. It will always be fresh and relevant for today, tomorrow and all the time. This color selection also considers about cleanliness aspect as well as an easy maintenance. You will also be easier to decorate it with some displays or decorations without being bothered to consider their colors. Well, black and white accents fit all the colors.

Gorgeous black and white bathroom design is also commonly applied to luxurious bathroom or five-star bathrooms that are obviously exclusive and glamorous. You can get some inspiration to create such a glamorous bathroom as five hotels have. Applying black granite or marble tiles for wall and floor is one of brilliant idea to bring glamorous impression. Then, just apply white Jacuzzi soaking tub for the centerpiece. A pair of white ceramic sinks will add the modern and glamorous look that creates a perfect balance. For other parts of wall where it is not covered by tiles, you can paint it with white paint and decorate it with some wall pictures or other arts.

The last aspect you should consider, which is also important is lighting. The best lighting fixture totally enhances the bathroom beauty. Your gorgeous black and white bathroom design will be perfect with the touches of elegant chandeliers. Since black and white bathroom needs more lighting, you can choose two spots for the lightings. For example, one spot is over the soaking tub for hanging the chandelier and another spot is the sides of mirror. For this one, you can choose a kind of LED lights to emphasize the modern look.

Open storage bathroom vanity is one more great idea for you who like something simpler and faster. Instead of keeping your bathroom equipment ‘hidden’, using open storage vanity is more practical. Because it is opened, so it encourages you to keep and display everything neatly, such as displaying toiletries and towels. After using the toiletries you just need to put them properly without being bothered to open and close the door of the storage. So does if you keep or store some towels. A stack of neatly folded towels that is exposed is really eye catching. An open storage vanity is also useful to display some decorations so it enhances the beautiful look.

Endearing bathroom that used open storage vanity is usually well organized, tidy and fresh looking every day. Wooden vanity is the most common one to apply in this bathroom concept. It usually consists of two levels where the top is usually for installing sinks and displaying some bathroom equipments and the bottom is for storing other stuff such as towels, tissues and other that are possible to be in the bathroom. If the space of the vanity storage is large enough, you can put some decorations such as flowers in a decorative vase, decorative jar or candle holders.

If your bathroom space is limited, you are still able to have this endearing bathroom that used open storage vanity since there are plenty of vanity sizes to fit your bathroom space. Smaller vanity is offered with 3 levels which is as worth as the larger one. Though it is smaller, you have enough space to store or display your bathroom stuff. The best suggestion is to add some decorative boxes, like wicker box to divide some different stuff. It helps to make you easier to search some allied items.

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