Luxury Beach and Sea Themed Bedroom

Luxury Beach and Sea Themed Bedroom

In order to create luxury bathroom design, you can work with some designers to do the makeovers. Having such bathroom allows you to relax into spa-worthy retreat that turn your bathroom into beautiful space. There are numbers of idea for luxurious bathroom that you probably want to apply. The first one is tech savvy to create stunning bathroom. In this kind of bathroom idea, it will pull out all technology stops that includes steam shower, heated flooring, toilet with remote control, and the function of self-cleaning. Adding square tiles in large size on the wall can present glamorous sparkle as well.

Secondly, you can create luxury bathroom design ideas with refined contemporary style. Providing the airy and bright idea to the master bathroom will be true retreat. This design includes floating vanities as well as glass enclosed shower that allow your eye flowing through space. You may create the accent wall of waterfall too around window with crystal-like curtain. If you like the retreat of luxurious gray, add some mixes marble and other elements of nature stone into master bathroom. The installation of hexagonal mirror hang above the double vanity can bring contemporary feel into the space.

There is even the retreat of open bathroom as one of luxury bathroom design ideas to apply. In this unique idea, you can turn the attic into master suite and sleek bathroom which open up to bedroom. This time, one freestanding tub is going to be room centerpiece. Then, provide additional dressing area and walk-in shower behind curtain. For seamless style of luxury design, work with designer to use marble throughout space to give pure luxury. The key of seamless look in this bathroom is marble cuts selected meticulously. These marbles will make veining line up from floor to a tub surrounds to backsplash.

Among all themed available for designing bedroom, no wonder that beach and sea themed bedroom is one of the themes with many onlookers who are fond for it. It is because this kind of coastal style with shoreline as the major draw offers relaxed style and popular look. It is good to create similar carefree as well as serene vibe by applying such theme. You can use some cool colors to create fresh seaside motifs and good natural texture. These relaxed look are going to make your room feels like summer holiday. Start with applying the backdrop with based shade of whiter cream or based stormy tones of grey. You may use many natural colors including misty greens, grays, whites, sand, sea blues, etc.

After determining the backdrop, keep your bedroom looks fresh with weathered or white painted wood furniture. Add beach and sea themed bedroom decor by filling your room with paneling, texture, woven rugs, baskets, as well as knitted cushions to soften gray palette or simple white. After that, embrace holiday vibe by adding various coastal accessories like storm lanterns and cushions with nautical motifs to enhance the character of bedroom with driftwood look. Beach and sea theme has timeless look which can be adapted easily in order to suit everyone’s tastes.

As another option in creating beach and sea themed bedroom decor, you may take traditional idea of Scandinavian bedroom. By taking this alternative, there is no need for you to tweak too much in producing bedroom with beach theme. Just simply use natural coastal texture and color as inspiration. Pick shade of subtle pebbles with pale grey, stone, and sand. Then, team them with worn linen and weather wood. For headboard, you can build bed platform as well with reclaimed plank. Dress your bed with some wool cushions and blankets.

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