Inspiring Decor for Modern Beach Themed Living Room

Inspiring Decor for Modern Beach Themed Living Room

Nowadays, modern living room is considered to serve double functions which are for hosting and casual daily activities. Thus, applying modern living room decor will give some benefits. It is obviously more flexible, when you need it to be a formal sitting area for hosting and having conversation with your guests while in other moment you can turn its function as a casual living space for family. There are several aspects to create a comfortable living room with modern look that should be in proper and balance composition. The furniture is one of important component that will determine the best impression of the living room.

Furniture selection, mainly sofa can be said as a primary key to create an elegant and modern living room decor. The best sofa gives great impression for everyone who visits your living room for the first time. Modern upholstered sectional sofa is the most favorite one for modern interior decor. If your living room is large enough, it is awesome to place a kind of large sofa bed. This furniture is not only comfortable for your guests but also for all family members. Combine the sofa with elegant fur rug to add more comfort and luxury. Don’t ignore the color balance of the furniture and other complements. Natural colors are the best choice for dominant touch, yet you can combine other brighter color to give a little fresh look.

Your elegant and modern living room decor will be more splendid with beautiful lighting. For completing this kind of living room, elegant chandelier will be captivating as a focal point. It totally brightens the main spot with the warmest atmosphere. To fill or accentuate some blank spots, a pair of decorative floor lamps is recommended. They serve both the function as light sources as well as an aesthetic need.

If your living room has been boring enough, maybe it is time to start planning about living room remodel. Boring living room will influence the moods of the dwellers and cause unpleasant feel. Whereas, living room should be a comfortable place for family member activities such as tea time, watching television or having casual gathering time. If your still have no idea about the theme you are going to pick, this article might give you some inspirations.

Beach theme is the most picked theme for living room remodel since it is considered to be simple, natural, easy yet endearing and soothing. Beach is one of nature theme where you should involve some cold colors such as blue and green as dominant touches. Most people must love this theme. To apply it, you don’t have to spend too much money. So, beach themed living room is affordable to improve your ‘old’ living room. Repainting the wall can be the first step you take. For beach theme decor, mint green is extremely cool and charming for wall and ceiling painting. Of course, you don’t have to apply this color to the whole part of walls and ceilings. You can combine it with white paint for balance. Then, it is nice for the living room to have some beach themed wall arts

After finishing the wall and ceiling touch, go for changing some complements. You can start from the window. If the curtains are already dull and not compatible with beach theme, don’t hesitate to change them. Choose one color that fits to the beach theme such as white, sky blue or sand brown. Expensive or glamorous curtains are not necessary, since the living room theme is already splendid. The last step to enhance the beauty this most picked theme for living room remodel is placing some beach themed decorations on the coffee table and vanity.

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