Expressive Room Color Ideas for Teenage Guys

Once kids become teenagers, they typically have their own idea of decorating their own room. Most of them know what style or color that they want to decorate their room with. With these room color ideas for teenage guys, your boy can decide the color design for his room. This could be used as an expression of his character and a private space that’s great for hanging around. However, designing a bedroom for teenage boys is quite a tricky job. It’s not easy to make a teenager happy as well as to make the room well-designed and trendy.

Just be bold and let them pick any shades from their favorite colors. Use combination of colors that are eccentric and modern that will go well together. Or modify it to keep the color scheme in a perfect sequence. The first room color ideas for teenage guys usually begin with neutral beige or warm brown. These natural colors can be combined with bright shades of blue, green or orange. Blue is an all-time favorite colors for guys. Using the color scheme like navy or rich cobalt is great and can be accented with shades of brown or green. Other natural or paler shade like grey for the walls is also good with blue and black furniture.

A lot of teenage guys like wall murals, which go well on walls with lighter colors. Another room color ideas for teenage guys is by painting colorful wall murals. Mural can be a way to express their interests and styles. Pick silhouettes of trees or leaves from nature scenes for natural vibe or geometric shapes for minimalist style. To show off their hobbies, pick sports mural or musical instrument. Artistic murals and imaginative wall painting are a fine way to bring in a theme and emphasize the room with manner and style. For inspirational, the wall can be painted with their favorite team’s color or with a huge scoreboard mural for a sporty theme.

While coloring a teenage boy’s room is most typically about visuals, there are numerous practical benefits too. A smart painting in a little bedroom can create a visual effect that can make the room looks bigger. It is not suggested to use up to three colors only for small room. Painting the wall with neutral colors and mix them with some accent colors is good if the room is small. Any room color ideas for teenage guys must be a mixture of aesthetics and meaning. Let the boys involved in the creative process. Keep the design to be simple, organized and stylish.

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