Color Scheme of Neutral Living Room with TV Stand

Color Scheme of Neutral Living Room with TV Stand

The assortment of TV stand with modern style offers many different options of practicality and aesthetic. You will find that several units are space-conscious and thin while others can occupy the entire walls to provide generous storage space. Before designing living room with TV stand, it is important to know the materials used for such TV stand. It varies from plastic to solid wood and fiberglass. Besides, the shapes of TV stand may be different from your imagination. Adding TV stand into your living room is a great idea especially if your home has spacious open layout.

Since entertainment center usually requires more space, the addition of TV stand that offers plenty of display and storage space can help creating focal point at this main room by occupying empty space on the wall. This wall entertainment center of awesome living room combining with TV stand allows you to not disguising your TV with gallery wall. If you want to add TV stand which is multi-functional, you should make sure that it is flexible. For the style to follow, what’s about rustic chic living room? This room needs oak flooring which is hand-scraped to create perfect contrast with limestone fireplace. Add cabinetry wall to complete the style with stainless steel dresser and custom bookcases.

Follow another inspiration of awesome living room combining with TV stand with colorful and bold style. Provide two kinds of different feature wall in which one is brilliant fuchsia while the other one is covered in paisley wallpaper of gold-and-teal. Put some low-slung furniture into this open living room to create cool vibe like a lounge with shag carpet and maple flooring. Furthermore, if you like to create comfy elegance style into living room, you may add sectional sofa made of silvery linen as well as writer’s desk in classic style. For the wallpaper, use the patterned one with metallic floral to provide luxury backdrop and cozy room.

Living room is place to converse, relax, as well as to relish in comfort of home. Neutral living room with abundant texture and soothing palette will be able to provide the space that exudes timeless elegance. Many homeowners probably want to create this kind of living room because it is a room to welcome the guests at first time. It would be better to provide goofy and vibrant color with exotic accent wall in the back side of house, but sober face presented in the front. For living room area, you can apply some attractive colors but not offensive to the room.
It is important to know that neutral color is not just three gray shades.

Instead, it runs gamut ranging from warm up to cool neutrals. You can make warm neutrals warmer by adding orange, red, or yellow. Meanwhile, neutral living room with cool neutrals will cool down with green, violet, or blue. However, for gray lovers, you are definitely able to have living room in gray. You can create stormy looking by providing pure grayness for the accent. For this style, put a big chair in gray color and another small chair in yellow color that will complement each other. This stormy-looking living room will be excellent by the addition of gray wooden table in rustic style with big white table lamp on it.

Another neutral theme to your living room is the one in classic monochrome. This idea will straddle line between cool and warm. There is also paler shade of white to be added into neutral living room in the house. It provides different shade of white and cream. This color scheme is elegant which is able to infuse the space with radiant light. It would look good with addition of black wooden coffee table, creamy white sofa, and one accent table in the corner.

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