Bedrooms Accent Walls with Soft Color Theme

Bedrooms Accent Walls with Soft Color Theme

If you do not have any idea to start decorating your bedroom, you might want to go with shabby chic bedroom design. This bedroom interior design has similarities to minimalistic bedroom design. Both of them incorporate white and other soft color in the design. The bed set along with bedside table and drawer of this design uses white color. However, it is also important to note that this design also rich in detail, which is unlike anything you can found on minimalistic bedroom design. That is the reasons why this bedroom is interesting and worth your time considering to use.

In order to create delightfully shabby chic style bedroom design, you must understand that this bedroom interior design is highly recommended for girls. If you want to create one, you need to prepare the furniture first. Bedding is crucial elements of this bedroom interior. It serves as the focal point of the bedroom interior. You also need other furniture to complete the bedroom decoration. Some people consider that vanity desk is only complementary furniture. In fact, it plays important role to create bedroom interior with shabby chic feels. If you do not have desk to complete the vanity mirror, you can place the vanity mirror above the drawer.

The next thing to be concerned when you want to implement the delightfully shabby chic style bedroom design is the color theme. As mentioned before, white is the main color of this interior theme. However, you can also use other soft color. Using white color alone will make the whole design looks plain and less interesting. Soft colors that you can use are including yellow, light green, and baby blue. In most case, beige is often used as highlights of this color combination. Regardless the color you use for your design, it is advisable not to use strong color as highlights. You also need to avoid using black and other darker shades of grey.

There are many ways that you can do to create new look in your bedroom. One of the ways is by providing bedrooms accent walls which will be able to keep the boredom away. While you may be more focusing on the upcoming top design trend each year that can be changing, it could be said that accent wall is perpetual favorite. This kind of wall is able to find the greater prominence of interior universe with its neutral color scheme as well as contemporary theme. For most experiment of accent wall, it is your personal bedroom as starting point. The privacy offered by your own bedroom gives you freedom in choosing styles and pattern you like.

You may look at bedrooms with amazing accent walls ideas which offer ample inspiration before choosing personal accent wall added into your room. Instead of featuring single color that can be monotonous, there’re some different options and themes for creating the amazing wall. You may go with dark blue color wall to be added into the room. This gorgeous accent will be able to enliven your bedroom. Besides, you can add wallpaper as well for switching between the accent shades. Another design would be geometric pattern that will look interesting addition for your bedroom. It will work great by placing a queen size bed with large and high headboard against the wall.

You may also choose accent wall according to special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. One of bedrooms with amazing accent walls which is perfect for this theme is adding wallpaper with lovely sentences written on it. Valentine’s theme is not always to have color like red, pink, and so on. Just adding the wallpaper with love sentence written is sufficient to describe valentine. So, for the color, you could even go with grey bed cover completed by black-white pillow. This grey color can work well with additional yellow table lamp as well on the left and right side.

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